"I opened Me MySelf & I Hair Design Studio in February, 2014 after being an Independant contractor for 25 years," says Lidia

"Kevin has since joined me and occasionally we refer to Me MySelf & I as Me Myself & Us. We continue to personalize our services to fit our clients needs and comfort. Together we invite you to call us for an appointment and experience the beauty and comfort of our new location, doing what we do best, HAIR."

We look forward to serving you and your hair care needs.


"I have been licensed and practicing Hair Design for 30+ years and have worked at Ideal Hair, Let it Shine, Campus Styling and Moxie.

I specialize in short, fine and curly hair. I use Redken Shades EQ and Redken Color Gels to achieve natural, believable colors and Redken Shampoo and Styling products, in addition to some Pureology Products to produce the best results. My goal is to maintain the condition and integrity of your hair during any service. I consider my work as Art & Design and I have the perfect setting to create it in. I Love to decorate and garden as well and can express all my creativity in this unique space in a one-on-one environment. So if you are looking for personal attention in a professional environment. This is the place for you!


Kevin is here part-time and also uses professional products.

He considers his work an Art Form and enjoys expressing it in our unique setting.

Kevin is good with people. He's sensitive, compassionate and was a caretaker for his Mom and Dad for many years. He has a background in construction, was a journeymen tile sette, a Chef at Chaminade, Monterey Plaza Hotel and The Del Coronado.